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  by: Peppy C.  April 4 2020 USA APPLICATION PROCESSES In direct response to testing cancellations and limited dates for
  By : Peppy C.     “Will other universities follow TUFTS’s example to go test optional” ?        
International Enrolment   The coronavirus has emptied dorms, disrupted graduations, and pushed courses online. It has also affected or suspended the
Salford, Bristol, Edinburgh, Nottingham and Southampton universities are among the latest to rearrange teaching and exams to limit the spread
Amid mounting concerns over COVID-19, college students are faced with a difficult choice: to travel or not to travel over
What is more important? GPAs or SAT/ACT Test Scores? Beyond the claims for “holistic reviews of admissions” and SATs requirements
Social Media have undoubtedly affected tremendously many aspects of our daily lives and how we perceive ourselves and others. Our