CLC’s MBA admissions consultants offer a wide range of resources, guidance, and unparalleled support to assist you in achieving your career goals. Ms. Peppy Christala, the Head Consultant with 26-year experience, collaborates with you throughout the entire application process, ensuring your success. Our team is dedicated to understanding your ambitions, enabling us to recommend suitable MBA programs for you to consider. By utilizing our comprehensive package, you will gain the necessary tools to submit compelling admissions essays, and impactful videos, and excel in MBA program interviews, all with a positive outlook.


Application Strategy & Story Development

Our experienced consultants will gain a deep understanding of your background and aspirations, helping you define your educational goals and craft a compelling application strategy.

We will work with you to articulate your unique story, taking into account factors such as your test scores, grades, work experience, scholarship desires, and desired study location. Through a thorough evaluation of your credentials, we will identify the MBA programs that align with your profile and ambitions

Resume Review

We will transform your professional resume into a powerful MBA resume that captures the attention of admissions directors. Our team will utilize our proven templates to structure your resume effectively.

We will highlight your educational achievements, career accomplishments, and relevant experiences to present a comprehensive and impactful snapshot of your qualifications. By adhering to the correct format and employing persuasive language, we will ensure that your resume stands out among the competition.

Essay Brainstorming and Unlimited Essay Editing

Collaborating with our admissions consultants, you will engage in an extensive brainstorming process to develop exceptional essay topics that showcase your individuality.

ØWe provide school-specific insights into what MBA programs are seeking in application essays, enabling you to create compelling narratives. You can submit your essays and short-answer responses to us for unlimited editing.

Our dedicated team will provide timely feedback within two days, helping you craft essays that fully address the prompts, demonstrate your depth of thought, and impress the application reviewers.

Video Feedback

If your target MBA programs require a video submission, our consultants will assist you in crafting a captivating video that effectively communicates your story through visuals.

We will provide feedback on sample recordings, helping you improve your delivery and boost your confidence. By incorporating our guidance, you will create a unique and engaging video that resonates with admissions committees.

Letter of Recommendation Support

We will guide you in selecting the most suitable contacts to write compelling letters of recommendation on your behalf.

Our consultants will advise you on the timing and approach for reaching out to your contacts, ensuring they have the necessary information and guidance to align their letters with your overall application. Through our support, you will enhance the strength of your recommendations, bolstering your candidacy.

Interview Preparation

To excel in MBA interviews, we offer comprehensive preparation. Our consultants organize mock interviews tailored to various interview structures, allowing you to refine your skills.

ØWe connect you with our alumni who have successfully completed MBA programs, providing valuable mentoring and insights.

We offer specific support for interview-related requirements such as editing MIT Sloan pre-interview essays, reviewing Chicago Booth’s video essays, and assisting with Harvard Business School’s post-interview reflection.

Pre/Post Interview Essay Editing

For select MBA programs like Harvard Business School, Chicago Booth, and MIT Sloan, we assist candidates who are invited to interview by submitting additional essays or videos.

Our consultants ensure consistency in your writing and speaking tone throughout the application process, enabling you to present your ideas effectively and maintain the highest quality standards.

Waitlist Strategy & Post Acceptance Support

Our commitment to you extends beyond submitting your application. Whether you receive an acceptance or find yourself on a waitlist, we continue to provide personalized support.

ØWe guide you on reaching out effectively to improve your chances of moving off the waitlist, offer advice on crafting impactful waitlist updates, and provide recommendations on selecting the best-fit school aligned with your goals.

As part of our alumni family, we connect you with former clients at your future school and across other institutions, facilitating a valuable network for your MBA journey.


Our students become members of our esteemed network club that spans the globe, with alumni and friends holding high positions in various industries, businesses, and academia. Our extensive network of professionals provides unparalleled opportunities for career advancement and business growth.

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