LNAT is a skill test that has been established for several years by several universities abroad (mainly in the United Kingdom) as a prerequisite for introducing students to curricula related to the legal field.

 The test does not examine the student’s knowledge in legal science or law but gives universities the opportunity to assess whether the student has the appropriate skills to attend a course of study.


Ms. Lamprini Zacharaki is an LLB and an LLM holder. She has been tutoring the LNAT for the last 6 years.

Under her guidance the students not only prepare for the two sections of the LNAT (reading and essay writing) but also enhance their critical reasoning and are able to engage in an array of social technological, cultural and economic issues.

Our program is unique as our students are also introduced to real case studies of the English Law and terminology.

Small Classes

Small Classes

- Our low student-teacher ratio ensures personalized attention since our teachers get an in depth understanding of the strengths, weaknesses and personality of each student.
- Our teachers know how to engage a classroom and teach key strategies that boost scores and they work to develop our students’ knowledge, skills and confidence.
Extensive and updated curriculum

Extensive and updated curriculum

- The material used in our class is chosen after a careful evaluation process. We use the best material and practice tests from different sources capitalizing on our teachers’ experience in teaching standardized tests.
- We provide our students a comprehensive range of teaching notes, practice exercises and past papers, especially designed for each students’ needs.

The Universities which require LNAT :


  • UCL  / LSE / University of Oxford  / University of Birmingham / University of Bristol / Durham University / University of Glasgow / King’s College London / University of Nottingham


  • IE