CLC’s Academic Advisors offer expert guidance to university students in various areas, including graduate program selection, career paths, branding, and job market navigation. They help students build strong profiles, provide course planning advice, offer career guidance, enhance branding, and keep them informed about industry trends. Our  Advisors provide ongoing support throughout the academic journey, helping students explore post-graduation options, secure internships, and leverage the CLC Network.

CLC offers a wide range of services to enhance your educational journey and improve your career prospects. Here are some additional services that CLC provides:

CV and Profile Writing

CLC’s experts assist you in creating a compelling curriculum vitae (CV) or resume that highlights your strengths, accomplishments, and experiences.

Graduate Studies Path

Our academic advisors are dedicated to working closely with our students to identify their academic and professional interests early on and provide guidance throughout the process. They evaluate students’ backgrounds, academic qualifications, and experiences to assess the suitability of different Master’s programs available in their field of study, taking into account industry needs, employment prospects, and potential career paths.

Social Media Branding

CLC’s advisors help you develop a professional online presence by providing guidance on how to optimize your social media profiles, showcase your skills and achievements, and effectively network with industry professionals.

Personalized Career Exploration

CLC’s advisors will work closely with you to explore different career paths, identify your interests and strengths, and align them with suitable job opportunities. They stay updated on industry trends and job market demands to provide you with relevant insights.

Internships and Cover Letters

CLC’s advisors guide you through the process of finding internships that align with your career goals. They assist you in writing targeted cover letters that effectively communicate your qualifications and interest in specific internship positions. They connect you with the market through the CLC Net.


Our students become members of our esteemed network club that spans the globe, with alumni and friends holding high positions in various industries, businesses, and academia. Our extensive network of professionals provides unparalleled opportunities for career advancement and business growth.

“Maximize your potential with  CLC’s Academic & Career advising for University students.

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