Who we are

CLC was founded in 1996 by Ms. Peppy Christala and Mr. Ted Spinthiropoulos and has been at the forefront of offering high Level Test Prep and Tutoring for students interested in studying abroad or attend English Curriculum Schools. It also mentors and guides students to reach their academic goals and open doors for lasting impact.

Over the years we are very proud to have helped thousands of students materialize their dreams of being accepted in the Universities of their top choices. Our alumni students are part of our extensive worldwide network club , who are part of the CLC family and support it in every way possible.

CLC boasts a team of tutors and consultants which is focused on delivering high quality of teaching to get you accepted into your dream school and distinguish themselves for their passion as educators and mentors.

Our Consultants


Our admissions consultants are experts in their fields. They have the skills, the knowledge and the experience to help optimize our students’ chances of acceptance.

Cooperating with us, you ensure that you will have the support of a professional and a personal coach in the grueling path of the application process. Passion, dedication and 24/7 attention are our driving forces.

Our Awesome Team

Peppy Christala
Peppy ChristalaHead Consulting
Peppy Christala The Head of the University Consulting, Ms. Peppy, Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Management, Concordia University Canada has led CLC’s University Consulting since 1996. She has personally helped thousands students reach their academic goals. Having extensive experience in preparing students for Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD’s and MBA’s, Ms. Peppy knows very well the academic path and the requirements to take her students to the top. Her personal involvement in all stages, passion and dedication, has helped CLC to boast an extensive network of unique individuals, who always give back to the CLC family. Her restless mind and keen interest in cultivating visionary leaders of tomorrow has led to her encouraging and financially supporting her students to do good to the community and be involved in current issues that affect society. As such, the CLC offers pro bono services to less fortunate students, promotes community service and inspires the youth to become involved citizens. She is, also, a holder of Certificate for International Counselors by NYU(2016) and is a licensed Global UK Universities Agent.
    Lamprini Zacharaki
    Lamprini ZacharakiMasters & PhD Consultant
    Lamprini is a premier Europe Consultant and a graduate of the Law School of Athens and holds an LLM degree. She has been a part of the education area for over 15 years as she is a qualified English and German teacher. She is a practicing lawyer and also teaches LNAT (the exam that some Law schools require for Bachelor’s degree). For over 7 years, she is a University consultant, who does extensive research into the Universities and uses her law practice skills, excellent argumentation and critical skills to make the students shine through the application process. Her dedication and passion is measured by the great success stories of her students, such as acceptances by Oxford, King’s, UCL, Columbia, McGill and Harvard. She has, also, a Certificate for International Counselors, UK (2020).
      Penny Stalia
      Penny StaliaUSA Universities Consultant
      Penny is a Premier U.S.A. Consultant and holder of a Bachelor’s in Arts English Literature from Deree College, Athens and a Master’s of Publishing Creative Writing and Editing from the University Sydney, Australia. Penny has extensive research and mentoring experience as she worked as Head of Tutors at Deree and as an Assistant Lecturer- Tutor at Sydney University. She, also, enjoys writing and a year ago she had her poetry collection “MOEITY” published. Penny is a mentor who helps students find their passions and supports their academic and professional goals. She works tirelessly on a 24/7 basis and puts her research and critical skills at the service of the good of the students. Her hard work and dedication brought many smiles to the students who got accepted by top Universities. She, also, holds a Certificate for International Counselors, New York University (2019) and a Certificate for Outstanding Educator by the University of Chicago.
        Elina Ratsika
        Elina RatsikaEuropean Universities Consultant
        Elina is an Assistant Consultant and Researcher, holder of a Bachelor’s in Business, Stirling University and Master’s in Travel Business Leadership, Leeds Beckett University. She has been part of the CLC family from a young age, as a student, and the variety of international experiences she has acquired by studying and living abroad. These experiences help her compare different programs and Universities in different countries. She focuses on understanding the professional goal of each student and then advises on the list of Universities that are a perfect fit. She is the point of reference between students and Universities and aids in solving all problems that might appear. She, also, provides valuable guidance in the essays required by the Universities through the application process.

          Our Tutors

          Our tutors are highly qualified and are committed to providing the highest level of academic support to our students. They instill in students a passion for learning and provide the highest quality prep material from different sources. They have developed the best curriculum to best prepare students and they go through training to familiarize themselves with the tests and to learn how to tailor the program to each student. They are graduates of top Universities, most have Master’s and some have PhD’s degrees, and have experience in the subject they teach. Some of them are, also, recognized IBO-examiners and from IB schools. They are experienced in virtual learning and use our own CLC online platform.

          Our Administrative Team

          Our administrative team is the backbone of the CLC, since it provides the support for the smooth operation of our institute.

          They are resourceful and capable to take on a broad range of tasks and deliver a high level of performance. They have unique skills and experience to provide the faculty students and parents high quality of support and organize efficiently all administrative processes.

          Their dedication and 24/7 support are the unique characteristics that they exhibit and they work hard behind the scenes to ensure CLC’s smooth running by being the planners and the problem solvers and upholding the vision of our institute.

          Anna Alexandridi
          Anna Alexandridi Executive Manager & Academics Director
          Anna, holder of a bachelor's in Business Administration and Management, AUEB, is the head of the administration department. She responsible for managing all aspects of the efficient running of the CLC, to uphold its commitment and dedication to its students and to outstanding results. She also maintains close relationships with CLC’s parents. She answers questions and queries and provides solutions to problems that may arise.
            Dimitra Kremmyda
            Dimitra Kremmyda Executive Assistant
            Dimitra, Certificate in Administration Studies, has been with the CLC for 18 years and performs the administrative duties and supports the accounting department. She is responsible for efficiently scheduling the timetable for the courses and supports the teaching staff to enhance their effectiveness.
              Christina Kordera
              Christina KorderaAdministrative Secretary
              Christina, holder of a bachelor's in Sociology, Panteion University, is an executive secretary and is responsible for the communication among students, parents and staff. She provides administrative and clerical support to CLC’s management and organizes the resources for every course. She also keeps students’ records and files and updates CLC’s database.