CLC was established in 1996 as a Test Preparation Center and Institute of Languages. It offers: 

  • Standardized Test Preparation for Undergraduate and Graduate studies
  • Consulting for studies abroad and career paths
  • IB Tutoring classes
  • A Levels/ IGCSE
  • Comprehensive language teaching


As hundreds of students from all over the ancient world would come to Plato’s Academy in Athens to be taught by Plato, so hundreds of Greek students, nowadays, dream of going to the best universities to immerse in a lifetime of learning, service and leadership in a global society. Our mission is to prepare and mentor these students to have equal access to these high caliber universities and to help them make their dreams come true.


Our shared values guide our actions and reflect the way we operate:

  • Commitment
  • Determination
  • Ambition
  • Passion
  • Quality



 We truly care about our students and we strive to deliver the best in everything we do because we are proud to make our students dreams come true.



At CLC, we take responsibility for the preparation of each student individually in order to obtain high scores in the standardized tests required for their admission to the university of their choice.

Preparing for the tests is undoubtedly for prospective students a significant investment of toil, time, and money. With this in mind, we have created programs tailored to each student’s needs and goals.


CLC’s expert consultants will guide you through the whole process of choosing from the top universities in the world, the university that best suits your profile, your scientific interests, your abilities, your academic background, and your professional goals.

At CLC, we guide each student individually. We provide reliable and detailed information on both study programs and top universities in the world.


Undergraduate Studies

CLC’s specialized consultants with their 24-year experience will provide you with valuable advice and detailed instructions for writing and editing your applications, which will help you get a competitive advantage over other prospective students.

Our services for Undergraduate studies

  • Starting counselling as early as possible (9th grade onwards) is imperative to your successful application procedure completion especially for USA universities.
  • Have a series of appointments with you so to know better the student’s needs and dreams of their future studies. 
  • Consult you to follow certain steps towards good school grades, standardized tests required grades, school involvement, internships, volunteering, and research projects that are related with the field of each student’s interest.
  • Mentor you and guide you to prepare an array of projects under the umbrella of the CLC Team and its network.
  • Guide you through the process of writing the statement of purpose and supplemental essays to distinguish yourselves in the admission process.
  • Coach, guide and support you in every aspect of the admissions process through our experience, enthousiasm and aid of our alumni.

Graduate Studies

At CLC, the 20-yearexperience in preparing our students for postgraduate studies abroad is synonymous to success: introducing you to the

world’s top universities. Our long experience and the success of our students are a guarantee for your acceptance by the University of your First Choice. We guide you to compile a stellar application file with CV’s that highlight your strengths, and statements of purpose essays that showcase your suitability for the chosen program.

Our services for Graduate studies

  • Schedule a personal meeting with our consultants to unlock your full potential and develop a plan.
  • Prepare a cv that that points your strengths and  help you select the appropriate graduate school programs.
  • Guide you through the process of writing the statement of purpose , supplemental  essays and interviews to distinguish yourselves in the admission process.
  • Coach, guide and support you in every aspect of the admissions process through our experience , enthousiasm and aid of our alumni.

The interview may be one of the most crucial stages in the process of introducing students to top universities that include interviews in the selection process of the prospective students.

At CLC, we prepare you for the moment of the interview:

  • Highlight your strengths
  • Manage difficult questions  and convince yourself that you are the ideal candidate for the program.
  • Arrange mock interviews with experienced interviewers.


  • At CLC, you will find more than just instructors. We believe in fostering close relationships between our students and mentors. Our team consist of individuals from exceptional academic and professional backgrounds with a genuine passion for teaching. We share a deep commitment to each student, making sure that their individual needs are addressed and their passions inspired.
  • Our staff consists of teachers, admissions consultants and administrative staff. The majority of our teachers are Master’s holders from universities in English speaking countries and PhD’s holders.
  • Our admissions consultants and mentors are graduates from Greek, American, Canadian, Australian and British Universities, all professionals in their field of expertise.

CLC’S Worldwide Network

A network that we have created from our alumni students who are attending graduate or undergraduate programs.

The CLC Network is accessible to all our students for answers to queries that concern them, for guidance and tips on their preparation, and to form an overview of the universities they wish to apply to.