Our IB Courses

 CLC offers tutoring classes for the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

Our Summer Pre- IB Courses

Be ready to face the challenges of the IB program by attending our summer Pre-IB program.

Acquire the understanding about the requirements of the IB and the knowledge for every subject to have a head start.

Our summer IB courses are designed to give the advantage of adequate preparation and the possible start of the students who are destined to follow the IB program in their school.

  • Duration: 7 weeks - Live or online lessons

 (Approx.: June 20 - July 22 and August 29 - September 9)               

  • Hours per week: 4 hours each lesson


All material, notes and tests are offered exclusively and free of charge by the CLC.

Use of the innovative e-learning platform Kognity, which is a platform with methodically organized material for IB lessons and offers students a holistic approach and help, both for their study and for their continuous practice, with the ultimate goal the effective assimilation of theory and exercises.

IB Tutors:

 Experienced IB teachers trained in the latest developments through special training platforms.

Work on each student’s strengths and weaknesses on a personal level.

Our IB Tutoring Courses

  • Hours:

8-10 hours monthly and extra hours if needed

IB teachers:

  • Experienced IB teachers trained in the latest developments through special training platforms
  • Available to students almost 24/7 to cover all their needs


  • Use of the “IB Kognity” platform -Daily monitoring of work and progress

Kognity is a digital training platform that provides interactive learning with digital material, videos, 3D models, simulations and practice tests

  • Preparation of material by our teachers from many sources (Inthinking, Revision Village etc.) all provided for free by CLC.


  • Extra hours of preparation before major exams
  • Mock Tests in real time conditions and individualized feedback provided
  • Careful correction and explanation of multiple simulation tests

 IA,EE, Orals:

  • Guidance, correction, supervision of the work required for the courses
  • Careful preparation of drafts and final work according to the deadlines set by the schools

 Final exams IB1 and IB2:

  • Multiple mock tests with careful correction and explanations on individual level
  • Daily attendance at our place to get acquainted with the conditions of the exams throughout the year and before the exams