Empowering Community Engagement

At CLC we actively support and involve our students and staff in volunteering for charities, non-governmental organizations, and community projects. Through partnerships with non-profit organizations, we leverage our network and resources to address local societal issues and support their missions. Our commitment to promoting civic engagement and volunteerism drives us to actively engage with community leaders and organizations. Together, we work towards making a positive impact, improving communities, and fostering a sense of social responsibility among our students and staff members.

The first non-profit organization in Greece dedicated to Lung Cancer that raises public awareness regarding early detection and supports all patients

Non-profit environmental organization with the mission to help our planet through tree planting and reforestation projects

Non-profit volunteering team which collects food and supplies and offers cooked food every Sunday for people in need

Non-profit volunteering group, working for social, financial and spiritual change in the streets of Kypseli

The first multilingual library in the vibrant and diverse area of Kypseli

Non-profit organization committed to the support of education by helping schools across the country to create book libraries

Non- Governmental Organization in the field of asylum and human rights in Greece, aiming to defend the rights of refugees

Non-profit organisation that aims primarily to support safety in the water, water-related sports, and recreational activities

Non-profit organization which grants wishes that have the power to transform the lives of children with critical illnesses

Non-profit organization that ensures all children will have love, affection, care, and respect.

Non-profit organization that aims at raising funds for the donation of medical equipment to the Greek hospitals

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