Our program at CLC is tailored to your individual strengths and learning style, making a profound difference in your GMAT preparation journey. We begin with a free consult and pre-program assessment to understand your unique needs and goals. Our experienced tutors are available for off-hours access, providing you with additional support and feedback until the day before your GMAT test. With CLC, you can confidently master the GMAT and achieve your best possible score.


Syllabus-based curriculum

Our GMAT classes provide a systematic and structured curriculum that covers all the knowledge points and skills required for the exam, leveraging our long teaching experience.

We have our own proprietary study materials that are specifically designed to help you excel on the GMAT, providing you with comprehensive and up-to-date content.

Practice monitoring and feedback

We offer free access to 15 online practice tests for GMAT, allowing you to simulate the actual test environment and assess your progress.

We actively monitor your practices, mock exams, and even the Enhanced Score Report of your real exams, providing you with detailed feedback and suggestions for improvement until the day before your exam.

Personalized Preparation Plan

Our instructors create a personalized prep plan based on your individual strengths, weaknesses, schedule, and deadlines.

We provide one-on-one guidance and support, helping you identify and address your areas of improvement, and ensuring that you are fully prepared and confident on GMAT test day.

Comprehensive support

Our GMAT classes go beyond just teaching the content, offering time management strategies, test-taking techniques, and stress management tips to help you perform your best.

We leverage our extensive teaching experience to provide you with expert guidance and support, helping you achieve your target GMAT score.

European Universities where our students have been accepted (indicative)

USA Universities where our students have been accepted (indicative)

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