Social Media have undoubtedly affected tremendously many aspects of our daily lives and how we perceive ourselves and others. Our presence in these communication channels has become an inextricable part our identity and in how we present ourselves. This has led many admission officers to take into consideration students’ social media profiles, when evaluating a student.

It is of high importance to confirm that your profile does not include anything that affects your digital “image” or might offend admission officers. This may include posts that are offendable to a certain social group, person or community. Moreover, you definitely shouldn’t mention in your profile negative comments about universities or a teacher of your school.

However, you are encouraged to turn the negative into positive, by using your social media channels to further enhance and boost your profile, and therefore your application. Based on the studies which you aim to apply, you can use social media as an additional tool to demonstrate your passion and enthusiasm for this particular field. Indicatively you can share inspiring articles or pages about this field of studies, as well as follow and ‘like’ respective pages. Your page can also be a way to showcase that you are a person with many interests, by mentioning your extracurricular activities, as well as prizes and athletic recognitions. Last but not least, don’t forget to “like” the page of the university you aim to apply, so as to show genuine interest in the college!!