The Covid-19 pandemic has put a halt to students’ expectations of on-campus matriculation in the  Fall of 2020.Taking this into
ALERT LATEST UPDATE All UK schools will close immediately to staff and most pupils from Friday afternoon until further notice.
Coursework and deadline extensions IB The IB has implemented the following deadline extensions for schools currently closed due to COVID-19.
CLC invests in its people! Our own Lamprini Zacharaki will attend the conference to enhance her knowledge and get inside
Early Decision Is Down And early action is flat, according to numbers from Naviance. Black and Latino applicants are less
What do I need to do to get into an Ivy League school? There’s no magic formula for gaining admission
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The 10-month accelerated programme combines innovative learning with problem-solving to prepare young graduates for a global career. Middle East, Asia,
The INSEAD San Francisco Hub for Business Innovation will offer a leading, cutting-edge, global management education in North America. INSEAD,