U.S.A – The Admissions Decisions and Results are Out

CLC’s Class of 2025 in light of COVID-19 pandemic


This year has been an unusual year, with continued SAT/ACT cancellations, test optional policies and increased application numbers to a very competitive year and a smaller freshman class. However, the CLC family is very proud that even under these circumstances, and moving strategically, our students managed to made their dreams come true.

Class 2025 statistics for some elite Universities

It is clear from the table that the number of accepted students as a whole has dropped in some cases as much as 4%, a huge drop rate since 2020. The reason is that many students who were admitted in 2020 20% took a gap year whereas before Covid-19 pandemic the same number was 3%, thus decreasing the number of applicants admitted to the Class of ‘25.

The number of international students accepted also dropped down as, we at CLC foresaw, as almost 50% of those applied without SAT scores. Brown and Princeton report that most of their international admitted students come from China, India, UK, Canada, Turkey and South Korea.

The elite universities clearly showed their preference to students with SATs/SAT subjects eliminating the illusion that in those schools, test submission was optional. For example, MIT, keeping the general tradition, chose to offer places to students who excel academically from 9th Grade, have high SAT scores, hold high national and international math competitions and are from the National curriculum (Eniaio Lyceum).  The number of minority students who were accepted (US citizens) rose as well as first generation students. Also, the percentage of legacy students stood at 10%-15%.

 Let’s not forget star athletes that secured places as early as September and most of them secured the Financial aid in the form of scholarship according to their families’ income. (Financial Aid up to 100%, academic scholarship max around 30% of the tuition fees)


Seeing the numbers of international students accepted in the USA Universities dropping every year, we are more than proud that our hard work ethic, team work skills, knowledge, research and pathos to make the CLC’s unique students shine have brought us such successful results. We congratulate each and every student and their families trusting us to push through the very difficult process of applications and to be mentors and by our students’ side 24/7.

We wish everyone the best in this new chapter of their lives and looking forward to an exciting new cycle of admissions.


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