The CLC provides SAT Courses that bring a world- class test preparation by our expert instructors in an interactive environment that helps students increase their confidence and reach their full potential.




Initial Free Consultation

  • Our student will start with a diagnostic test to assess their strengths and weaknesses.


  • After the diagnostic test, we meet to analyze the student’s test, discuss their needs and aspirations and tailor a study plan that aims specific goals.

Personalized Tutoring Sessions

  • We will create a unique SAT tutoring strategy centered on the student that teaches the core concepts and tips of the test in small homogenous classes tailored to the need of every student.

SAT Material

  • We provide free all SAT material compiled by the CLC Team and based on our long experience.

Practice through assigned homework

  • We assign minimum 4 hours of homework and during our tutoring classes we will analyze all the mistakes and turn them into learning opportunities.

Continuous support

  • Our academics continue to work with our student to ensure that the program meets their needs and our tutors are trained and experienced to diagnose the areas that need more work.

Practice with Mock exams

  • Our students practice on actual past tests and an array of Mock Exams, timed and supervised. The tutors identify the areas that need more emphasis and work with every student to improve them.