At CLC, we believe in equal educational opportunity. As such, we also offer our services pro bono to a number of particularly promising students especially from Greek Public Schools that have no Counselors, and/or come from low-income families.

CLC Educational Institute offers pro-bono need-based services to selected students who will benefit from the guidance and admissions expertise provided by our Counselors.


  • Free tutoring classes for standardized tests and their scheduling.
  • Profiling, which includes compiling a competitive cv, activity list, and college essays.
  • Offering information on universities, scholarships, and financial aid
  • Setting admission goals, including list of targeted schools
  • Assisting parents with financial documents: tax declaration forms/ tax return(s) from most recent calendar year
  • Assisting headmasters and teachers to writing exemplary recommendation letters.

Throughout the years, we helped dozens of underrepresented students gain admission to their top choice colleges and CLC’s team motto of offering help to anyone who needs it, is dedicated to continue doing so.

CLC supported both financially and human resources Projects

  • The CLC team encourages all its students to be involved with their communities and thus we reach out to different charities and provide the framework for volunteering work.
  • The CLC team and its students  organize different events and drives with the proceeds being donated to worthwhile causes.
  • The  CLC think tank with the aid of its network  formulates and supervises  projects ,which will be beneficial to the society ,and establishes group of students who will carry them out.