Just because you were waitlisted, it doesn’t mean you should wait!

12th grade has been a very tiresome and pressured year; we get it. You have put all your energy and soul into getting into your dream school, so do not get your spirits down. Your name is still on that list! The number of students sent to American universities is insanely high, so one can imagine that, unfortunately, not all can be accepted. Yet not all will accept! So, admissions officers give lasting hope to some students and place them on the waitlist. Do not wait for the school year to end; you are too close to the finish line to give up now!

In case you were waitlisted, then you should take the following steps:

Step 1: Accept the Waiting List.

Evaluate whether being waitlisted at a specific institution is worth it. If yes, go ahead and accept. The school will appreciate you sending them a letter letting them know that you will prioritize it in case of acceptance. Sending a “Letter of Continued Interest” will increase your chances of acceptance as it demonstrates your commitment to the institution and education.

Step 2: Check the university’s yield rates.

Yield rates represent the number of students who accept an admission offer. Therefore, if the university has a lower-than-expected yield rate, they will likely want to fill in those spaces. This is a great way to check whether you are keeping your name on some waitlists.

Step 3: Submit a deposit.

As the acceptances for waitlisted students come out in mid-summer or even late August, you should think strategically about which university is your second-best choice.  Look through your list and make sure you send your deposit to a college, securing your place by 1st May.

Step 4: Continue the great work.

Grades are important, so run the last mile and finish your final year of high school gloriously. Academic excellence is greatly valued in tertiary institutions and workplaces, so it is vital that you maintain an attractive and scholarly educational background.

To address the first step, the Letter of Continued Interest is one of the best ways to communicate with your university’s admissions officers that you are willing to wait for an answer and delineate your genuine reasons and enthusiasm in attending their institution if they accept you. You should prepare a Letter to show that you are mature enough and have all the integrity it needs, proving that you have what it takes to become part of the university’s community.

What should the Letter include:

  • Mention all your latest academic accomplishments.

The admissions officers are looking for people who are restless about expanding their intellectuality and lust for knowledge. Bullet point out everything you have done since you sent your application, which proves you are a worthy scholar. From heightening your GPA to inaugurating clubs at school to receiving distinctions, include it all.

  • Embrace the school.

This is the time to express your enthusiasm for attending the school and share your reasons. You need to explore the specific parts of the school that intrigue you—professors, clubs, special programs—and explain how they would help you achieve your goals.

  • Make sure they know you are still interested.

The people reading your letter should not close the email window and still wonder whether you want to attend the specific university if they admit you. State clearly that you would go if accepted, and make sure they understand that this school is the only school for you.

The CLC Consulting Team advises its students to take every offer to their advantage and not miss out on any opportunity, as waitlists are random and unranked. Let your top choices notice you, send that letter with the rigor and perseverance we know you have and help you prove it in your Letter of Continued Interest.


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