GMAT is an assessment test that over 1,500 Business Schools around the world use in order to select students for MBAs and other Management Programs.

It is a Standard English test designed to measure the verbal, mathematical, and analytical skills of writing that have been developed by candidates throughout their educational and professional careers. It does not account for knowledge in business management, professional skills or knowledge in a specific subject, but more general logic and critical thinking skills. It examines the ability of candidates to think critically and to present their views in writing. Through this, the analytical and synthesis skills are evaluated.

The GMAT Test offers evaluators committees a consistent and objective measurement of competencies relevant to the above variables.

The exam is taken on a computer at specific testing centers and under the same conditions around the world, with the highest levels of security to ensure that scores are fully comparable to all candidates.

We offer exclusive specialization in the preparation of GMAT tests and have developed specialized programs to meet the needs of students who want to attend a MSc, MBA or PhD program in USA, CANADA and EUROPE.


  • Experience of 24 years of test preparation

At CLC, we have 24 years of experience in preparing our students for graduate and postgraduate studies, supporting them in achieving high scores in GMAT.

  • Innovative teaching methods & Qualified teachers

Our highly experienced faculty and our tailored training, preparation and insight, helps our students achieve the highest scores.

  • Intensive Practice

We offer practice on an extensive number of tests on computer, as well as on numerous Mock exams on both paper and computer. 

  • Personal attention on each student

At CLC we have small homogenous classes and tailored programs, so that teachers can pay special attention to each student, based on the student’s needs. Extra tutoring is provided in case the need arises.



  • Two-months preparation.
  • 8 hours on a weekly basis.
  • Supply of our own theory material.
  • Small classes of 4-6 students.
  • Practice on an array of computer based tests.
  • Plan explanatory sessions for explanation of mistakes.
  • Offer extra one to one sessions for further clarifications.
  • Adaptable programs to the needs of our students.
  • Supply of theory material.


  • Perform a diagnostic assessment and analyze your needs, goals, personality and learning style.
  • Set a flexible GMAT program tailored to your needs, learning style and available time span.
  • Arrange classes in person or online via SKYPE.

  • Our programs aim to maximize each student’s performance individually