The final few months before USA Applications! What to do?

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As an admissions cycle comes to an end, another one commences. And rising seniors face the ultimate stress of prioritizing their activities, excelling academically, and completing their SATs/Ilets/Toefls before the fateful November 1 comes (deadline for early applicants).

Thanks to the CLC Mentors by their final summer, our students will have completed their profile, their main essay, and will have a strong activity list ready for autumn. This will us precious time to devote to early schools and their requirements. No application leaves the CLC family without it being edited and drafted to perfection.

So let us focus on the months prior to the deadlines and what students should do so that they are on track, less stressed, and on top of their program.

  • Think about the summer ahead and make the most of it. Look for companies for internships, consult with your CLC mentors, find credited summer schools for an edge to your application. Make the most of the summer months. If you have the opportunity visit the campuses that are of interest to you.
  • Look up the universities that are of interest to you. Complete the virtual tours and start narrowing down your list to the most desirable ones and the ones that fit best your academic and extracurricular profile. Look at the campuses, the city, the number of students, the weather: Everything matters when it comes to choosing where you will spend and study the next four years of your life. Do you want a big university with lots of students in a big city? A small college with a secluded campus somewhere far from the hustle and bustle of big cities? Rain or shine? Everything is acceptable and different students need different environments so to flourish. Tal with your CLC mentor and create the perfect list of 8-10 universities (some top, some middle range, some safety) and then look them up. Then you will be sure about where you want to apply and study!
  • College essays. Yes, is not too early. In fact, just before summer is the perfect time to begin brainstorming on your common app essay. With the help of your CLC mentors you will create the perfect story to showcase your unique identity over the course of the summer months, so come September you will not need to worry about YET another essay. We draft, edit, and redraft until we have the perfect piece of the narrative of your life.
  • Talk with your CLC mentor about the activity list. We can only include ten of your best activities so choose wisely, depending on what each activity means to you and on its impact on others. Research projects, internships, online courses, sports, volunteering, school involvement are always on the admissions officer’s list for approving an applicant’s profile.
  • Think about your recommenders. Choose your professors and one or two extra – coach, volunteering, leadership, internship- that will give a competitive edge to your applications. Be sure that these people know you well and will write how extraordinary you are.
  • Finish your projects, study for your final SATs/English Language Tests, finalize summer school, activities within the summer.
  • And… schedule vacation (at least for two weeks). This is not the time to overwork or overstress yourself. For a few days go somewhere to have fun and relax and recharge your batteries for what lies ahead is a difficult battle. But with the CLC mentors on your side, you will feel safe and you will not have anything to be afraid of. We will support you until the very end and even beyond. (Masters, MBAs, PhDs we are here for all of you proudly waiting)!


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