• Admission to universities abroad has become increasingly competitive over the years. Students not only have to stand out academically in school and on standardized tests, but they are also expected to display an impressive resume of extracurricular activities, exemplary recommendation letters, and extraordinary writing samples.
  • Our admission consulting services stand above the rest. We work closely with students in all steps of the application process – from building their profiles early on to shine and identifying schools that fit their passions to developing personal statements and specific universities’ essays. We also assist students in identifying and preparing applications for scholarships and financial aid opportunities.
  • We embrace the uniqueness of each student in order to help those craft not just applications, but narratives that are truly representative of their individuality. Our expert knowledge and experience with the admissions process ensure that each student is fully supported in this journey.


 Many of the oldest and highly ranked universities can be found in Europe, which has a long history in pioneering higher education. European Universities are different and unique not only in terms of language, lifestyle and living expenses but also in terms of fees. Also, under the Bologna Process universities have instituted a standardized degree system.

 They usually require:

  •  A copy of passport
  • Copies of Secondary Educational diplomas ( ex IB, Greek Apolytirion )
  • Personal statement
  • Proof of English Proficiency ( IELTS, TOEFL )
  • Some universities require special tests depending on the field of studies
  • LNAT for some law schools


  • Evaluate your study goals and compile a list of European Universities and programs.
  • Organize the supporting documents needed for the application as well as prepare a program for standardized tests IELTS, and /or SAT.
  • Brainstorm, work, edit and proofread the personal statement and all applicable extra essays.
  • Prepare for Mock Interviews.
  • Provide personal attention from start to finish and contact universities to ask clarifications and /or deal with possible problems.


CLC is your bridge between you and the UK Education Institutions. We take the stress out of the application prices by mentoring our students and enabling them to clarify their university and course choices and guiding them through completing an effective UCAS application.


OXFORD and CAMBRIDGE are two of the most prestigious and highly sought universities in the world and applying requires careful preparation early on to make you distinguish yourself from the competition.

We work with you to choose the best course and college selection, personal statement to shine, working experience and extracurricular activities, extra reading and interview preparation. We continue our support until the day you register to the University.


  • Our University consultants will make sure your application will be the best it can be to stand out from the competition.
  • Evaluate your study goals and compile a list of Universities that fit your academic background.
  • Organize the supporting documents needed for the application.
  • Brainstorm, work, edit and proofread the personal statement and CV.
  • Assist teachers from public schools of how to write ‘stellar’ references.
  • Advice about the requirements for a student visa.
  • Set the timetable for the specific tests such as: LNAT (some Law schools), IELTS.
  • Open your UCAS application(s) online and assure that all documents are submitted and track and manage your application(s).
  • Assist with the Clearing Process.


Dutch Universities offer a wide range of English taught programs , a big international community, and offer excellent career opportunities.

  • For the majority of the programs you must register via Studielink, which is the official registration and application portal for Dutch Universities.
  • A variety of programs require students to sit for their own tests, usually in the area of their studies.


Italian Universities offer a variety of English taught programs in their top Universities, as they are stepping up efforts to accelerate their international appeal.

  • The applications are made to the specific University and the usual requirements are the Lyceum Apolytyrion plus Vevaiosi Prosvasis (no specific grade), IB grade, etc.
  • Some programs require their own tests and/or accept standardized tests such as SAT and IELTS.


Belgium Universities offer a variety of English taught programs and boost a 50% international student body.

  • Applications are made directly to the University and some departments require some standardized tests such as IELTS and SAT.
  • Many universities have strong international outlook and composition, as well as strong position in the international rankings.
  • For EU students, higher education is financed mostly by the state therefore students ought to pay a registration fee of max 835€ for every year of their studies.


Swedish Universities offer a variety of English taught programs which usually take 3 years of study.

  • Applications are made directly to the University and specific programs require specific courses in the previous studies program.
  • Under the Bologna Process, Swedish University’s system of higher education aim to create an integrated European higher education area, EU no fees.


  • Countries such as Germany, Switzerland and Spain also offer a variety of English taught programs, which are increasing in number after the Brexit.
  • The CLC team is informed about the latest information for the programs and is here to assist you in preparing for the application process and guidance for the best fit universities and standardized tests.