By : Penny S.

It is this time of the year once again, when our students learn the results for their EA-ED applications. All the years of preparation, toil, and studying have brought you all to wait for these Mid-December dates that universities release their admission results. Though the hard part is done, which are the years of consulting and working towards attending a dream university, now is the really hard part. To learn whether you are in or out.

We at CLC have given our heart and soul for years and countless hours to maximise your chances for that so-wanted “accepted” decision, yet university admissions are always surprising. Come what may, due to our –be ready for everything beforehand mentality of our mentoring at CLC, we stand by our students’ choices and will continue the journey of applications until the very end. Surely, we all wish success to our students’ first choice of universities, however we are prepared for any possible outcome, as universities decisions tend to be…unpredictable.

Our strategy at CLC – to be prepared early on- and to have the best possible profile – filled with relevant activities, projects, extracurricular besides the academic excellence- is an advantage for our students, who feel security no matter the admission decision, because we do not rely only on success but also on reality, strategy, and chances.

That being said, our students’ top choices are our priorities and hopes as well and we share the same agony (waiting long after midnight) as well as the same “fingers crossed,” so following you will find the most important dates for the release of the decisions. But before you stay up sleepless waiting in front of your computer’s screen for that letter to come, take a deep breath, and remember that nothing ends these days. It is just a decision from one university. Thank God, we have been prepared for a dozen more universities. After all, everything does happen for a reason.

Good Luck to Everyone!

Important Dates/ Σημαντικές Ημερομηνίες:

Institution Notification
Amherst College 12/10 6:21pm ET
Babson College mid-Dec (ED1), 1/1 (EA)
Boston College 12/2 evening ET (ED1)
Boston University 12/15
Brown University mid-Dec
California Institute of Technology mid-Dec
Carnegie Mellon University 12/11
Claremont McKenna College 12/15
Colorado College 12/15 4pm MT (ED1), 12/20 4pm MT (EA)
Columbia University 12/14 7pm ET
Cornell University 12/13 7pm ET
Dartmouth College 12/10 5pm ET
Duke University 12/16 7pm ET
Emory University (Emory) 12/15
George Washington University late Dec
Georgetown University Dec 13- Dec 15
Harvard University Dec 17
Johns Hopkins University 12/10 (ED1), 2/11 (ED2)
Miami University – Oxford 12/1 (ED1), 12/15 (EA1)
MIT Dec 19
New York University 12/15
Northeastern University 12/8 (ED1), 2/1 (EA1)
Northwestern University mid-Dec
Princeton University mid-Dec
Purdue University 1/15
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 12/11 (ED1), 1/29 (EA1)
Rice University 12/9 after 5pm CT
Stanford University 12/15
Tufts University 12/14 7pm ET
Tulane University 11/22 4pm CT (ED1), 1/15 (EA1)
Union College 12/7 (ED1), 12/18 (EA1)
University of Chicago 12/17 (ED1), 12/17 (EA1)
University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign mid-Feb
University of Massachusetts – Amherst began 12/7 (additional waves through January)
University of Michigan – Ann Arbor late Jan
University of Pennsylvania Dec 16
University of Virginia 12/10 eve ET (ED1), mid-Feb (EA1)
Vanderbilt University mid-Dec
Vassar College 12/10
Villanova University 12/15 by 5pm ET (ED1), 1/15 (EA1)
Williams College 12/15
Worcester Polytechnic Institute 12/15 (ED1), 1/15 (EA1)
Yale University 12/15 evening ET




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