College Board eliminates the SAT Subject Tests and the Optional Essay

The College Board announced on Tuesday that it will discontinue both the SAT Subject Tests and the SAT Essay Writing  section.

The announcement will take effect immediately for USA Testing and for international students the SAT Subject Tests will be administered for the May and June 2021 sessions. The College Board also revealed that it is in the process of revising the main SAT to make it “more flexible” and “streamlined” and enable students to sit for the test digitally.

For the majority of the students the SAT Subject Tests were a source of anxiety ,especially during the Covit-19 period when seats were limited and test dates were cancelled.

On the other hand , international students will have to cover the gap in another way. Also, some students are very good test takers and their great results enhanced their applications. There will be more news coming on this issue and we will keep you updated.


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