CLC supports Protypo Ethniko Nipiotrofeio

CLC team, led by Chara Moraitaki, who is a student of our Institute, along with our students Alexandros David, Anna Karvela and Anastasios Solkidis, organizes a charity drive to raise money for paying bills and buying electronic goods to cover the needs of “Protypo Ethniko Nipiotrofeio”, which offers hospitality and educates boys and girls of pre-school age, 2 ½ to 5 ½ years old, from all over Greece.

The nursery school, established twenty two (22) years ago, operates within “Protypo Ethniko Nipiotrofeio”, with the aim of socializing the children who were offered everyday hospitality and they now attend the educational programme, depending on their age.

The contribution of all of us is very important for the children, as through such actions they receive the love and support they need to continue their life.

For that reason, food and necessities were gathered, which were asked for by the personnel and the administration of Nipiotrofeio. These were sent on Thursday 23/12/2021 via special shipping.

Congratulations to “Protypo Ethniko Nipiotrofeio” personnel and volunteers for their devotion to help boys and girls of pre-school age, and their families.


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