Exceptional College Admissions Counseling with the CLC Team Experts

At CLC we understand that preparing U.S.A College applications can be both confusing and challenging as well as time consuming. Thus, our CLC team helps you to apply confidently by giving you personalized and expert guidance to create a Common Application that shines. During our initial meeting we evaluate your academic history, discuss your goals and set a strategy plan for your extracurricular activities. Our goal is to give you a significant boost in your chances of success.

At CLC we offer:

Individual Attention to stand out from the crowd

  • We set out a personalized strategy plan to catch the eye of your dream school.
  • We have face-to-face meetings, e-mail and phone contact / skype conferences during all the period of our counseling.
  • We do extensive research to prepare a feasible University list, which will be a perfect fit for you academically and personally.
  • We set up a timeline for Standardized Tests.

Extra Curricular Activities

  • We choose the extra curricular activities that show leadership, impact and longevity.
  • We advise on what activities to focus on such as competitions, research and volunteering.
  • We give expert advice so you will craft a unique CV to showcase your strengths.

Common up Essay and Supplemental Essays

  • We help you craft a winning college essay that will highlight your story and appeal to emotion since it is your chance to stand out from the crowd and shine.
  • We guide you with exact instructions how to write the supplemental essays that each University requires; to show your interest in the specific University and major.
  • We give your essays personalized attention to ensure they are impressively written and represent your very best.

Submitting your application and Follow up

  • We work with you on every step of the way in submitting your application from filling out the form to uploading documents.
  • We offer advice on the choice of referees and guide and help Headmasters and School teachers, who need assistance with preparing references from schools that do not have counselors.
  • We prepare you for the interviews by conducting multiple mock interviews and with the support of our CLC family network.
  • We work on your Deferral and waitlisted letters to express your strong interest in attending the specific University.

The CLC’s team uniqueness

  • 24/7 Availability of our team, especially during the time of the applications.
  • CLC Engage Projects: Unique projects crafted only for our students with the aid of our extensive alumni and networking club.
  • 24 year of expertise in preparing students for the top Universities of the world for Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD’s and MBA’s.
  • Student centered Counseling:

Inspiration our goal- We believe in the person you are and in the person you will become.

"Dare to sail in uncharted waters with the CLC family".