The CLC Mentors start consultation for the USA Universities as early as possible (from 9th grade onwards) and carry a plan of actions. We build our students’ profiles to make them unique and shine through the application process.


Start Mentoring

  • Schedule the meeting to get to know the student and note down the student’s profile (academic-extracurricular).
  • Organize an individualized plan, depending on the student’s unique desires and needs.
  • Guide the student with regular profile updates and monitor their progress throughout the academic year through one-to-one (in person or online) appointments.


Building the Profile (as early as) : Grade 9th – Grade 10th


  • Explain the different school curricula and the grades required and advise on the best one for every student.
  • Aid in the best choice of IB course combination according to the field of studies.
  • Schedule the most efficient timetable for sitting for the Standardized Tests (SAT, IELTS, TOEFL).


  • Guide the student towards building a competitive profile that demonstrates:

Leadership-Impact- Community Involvement – Longevity

  • Choose the right activities that make our students unique based on our long experience.
  • Summer Schools
  • Academic Enhancement
  • Athletics
  • Internships
  • Volunteering
  • Special projects:
  • Keep updated record of every student by arranging frequent meeting.
  • Keep advising for the next steps to be taken.


Application Process

By End of August – Mid September:

  • Do the final check on the activities the student has completed and agree on which activities will be used in the applications.
  • Finalize, after appointment with the parents and the student, a unique list of 10-12 universities that the student will apply to in the USA.
  • Aid in choosing the recommenders and help with writing the reference letter (whenever need be).
  • Create a common ap account.
  • Brainstorm, guide and edit the common ap essay and the individual essays for every University to be handed in to the school’s counsellors Early Action and Early Decision applications.
  • Choose the best way to present the activities in the activity list to make the student shine.


Final Steps

  • Make sure that all documents required for applications are ready: Recommendation Letters, Ielts-Toefl, Translated transcripts, SAT scores.
  • By October 1st: Guide and assist with the submission of applications (ΕΑ, ΕD) .
  • By November 15th: Finalize the application for California Universities (UCLA, UC-Berkeley, UC-Santa Cruz, UC-Santa Barbara, UC-Davis, UC-Irvine, UC-San Diego).
  • By the 24th of December: All regular universities’ essays and relevant material are finalized. (Sometimes if the student desires, or if there are circumstances that justify the application to more than 12 Universities, we work together until 1stJanuary to assist our students).

 CLC’s Team Uniqueness

  • We have 24 years experience in mentoring students to get into their dream schools worldwide, for all levels of studies, taking out the anxiety of the application process.
  • Keeping in mind that almost all U.S.A Universities will take a number of Greek students or maybe none, we at CLC know the competition from almost all schools and athletes, so we devise a strategy plan for each of our student to make a difference among the competition.

Most importantly

The dedicated Team of the CLC Family, which helps our students to sail safely in uncharted waters.

  • Throughout this process CLC Mentors are available 24/7 to the students and their parents.
  • Interview Preparation: Conduct multiple mock interviews with our expert team and help from our alumni.
  • Help with defer and waitlist letters so to increase the chances of turning the university’s decision around.
  • Assist with portal openings for each university after the application, should any documents be needed.
  • Mentor, guide and financially support our students to carry out volunteering drives and projects mentored by our unique network of students, friends and parents.

 " Dare to sail in uncharted waters with the CLC Family!!! "