ACT or American College Testing is a standard US examination that evaluates the academic abilities of high school students to enter colleges in USA. This is an extremely widespread certification that is provided in over 50 states in the United States and many more countries around the world. It is computer based for students sitting the test outside the U.S.A

Questions to ACT are directly related to everything the student has learned during high school.

The final scores they will receive from the test, function as a tool for colleges abroad, as these can outline the student’s level of knowledge and skills.

ACT English Section

The English Test includes six different modules that are evaluated through multiple choice questions. These modules are punctuation, grammar, proposition building, strategy, organization, and style.

ACT Mathematics Section

The Mathematics Test consists of three subscores  based on six modules. These modules are pre-algebra, elementary algebra, intermediate algebra, coordinate geometry, plane geometry and trigonometry. The test includes multiple choice questions that assess the student’s ability to use logic to solve practical math problems. The student is required to answer 60 multiple choice questions.

ACT Reading Section

The Reading Test evaluates the student’s ability to understand the text that is given to him / her. The texts available to him are derived from the following four categories: a/Social Studies b/Natural Sciences c/Literary Narrative d/Humanities. The student must answer 40 multiple choice questions (10 on each passage).

ACT Science Section

The Science Test was created to evaluate interpretation, analysis, assessment, logic and problem solving. His content includes modules such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth / Space Sciences. This scientific information is provided to the student in the following four forms:

  • recovery of data (eg Graphs, Tables)
  • research summaries
  • concerning views on a particular issue

ACT Writing Section

The Writing Test evaluates the student’s writing ability. During the test a specific subject is given as well as three different perspectives on the subject. The learner must develop these views, quote and analyze his / her own perspective on the subject, and finally explain the relationship between his / her own view and those given.


  • Small classes.
  • Vast experience in teaching ACT .
  • Extensive practice in Mock exams.
  • Supply of our own material.