Advanced level qualifications (known as A levels) are internationally recognized qualifications that are required for entry into many university courses and professional training opportunities.

Students usually study three or more A levels over two years. 


  • Small homogeneous classes
  • Tutoring by qualified teachers, who are easily accessible to the students either in person or through emails
  • Two hours tutoring weekly for each A Level course
  • Practice on Actual Past Papers and previously given tests
  • Teaching of theory and testing it on multi-level exercises
  • Extra tutoring is offered before exams, so that students can work on extra materials
  • Working on revision tests which are prepared based on the needs of each student Guidance at every stage of student’s education – from choosing subjects to registering for exams
  • We offer intensive tutoring for a wide range of A Level courses, preparing students to excel on their final exam by having worked in depth the needed material.


  • Math            
  • English     
  • History             
  • Business
  • Physics       
  •  French       
  • Economics      
  • German