Salford, Bristol, Edinburgh, Nottingham and Southampton universities are among the latest to rearrange teaching and exams to limit the spread of Covid-19.

Measures include ending term early, online teaching and cancelling exams.

The moves came as six Oxford students were diagnosed with the virus, while St Andrew’s and Bristol universities have each reported a case.

Nottingham will put all teaching online from 23 March and is cancelling all trips overseas and residential trips within the UK.

However, the letter stresses the university – including its libraries – will remain open.

Salford University has announced all teaching – except for final-year students – will be suspended from Monday, but the campus and student accommodation will remain open.

Edinburgh is also transferring teaching online. Exams are cancelled for first- and second-year students, with those in their third year and beyond taking them online.

Again, the university stressed it was still open, with libraries, counselling, research and study spaces operating as usual.

The University of West of Scotland has asked students not to attend its campuses from Monday, although it, too, says it will remain open.

It intends to move to remote learning “to reduce the number of individuals on campus at any one time”.

Early holidays

Meanwhile, the University of Southampton has decided to bring its spring holiday forward by a week so that term now ends on 13 March.

Summer term is scheduled to start as normal next month.

In a similar move, the University of Bristol has announced it will end face-to-face teaching earlier this term, on 18 March. Online teaching will begin after the holidays and all overseas fieldtrips are cancelled.

A number of universities had previously announced moves to online teaching, including Durham, Manchester Metropolitan, the London School of Economics and Loughborough, where one student has tested positive for the virus.


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